About Us


    We are Government approved Recruiting argents and passage brokers holding Government of Pakistan License No MPD/2951/LHR, catering for the manpower requirements of prospective foreign employer involved in business of construction of substations, LT & HT Transmission lines, power plants and water transmission line and power plants,  drilling  industry, agriculture, catering and all types of commercial and industrial organization.


    Pakistan is not only self sufficient in un-skilled, qualified and highly qualified manpower but has provided the same to most of the developing countries.

    Pakistan has demonstrated a remarkable ability in the acquisition of sophisticated and intermediate technical and semi-technical and un-skilled, skilled, qualified jobs in a number of developed and developing countries of Europe, middle east, north America, Asia and Africa in recent years.

    About a million Pakistanis are actively engaged as partners in progress of several Asian, African and European countries which has enhanced the image of Pakistan. No matter in which activity they have been engaged their work has been appreciated by the foreign employers. Their devotion to the duty, willingness to work often under titing circumstances and even beyond fixed hours has been widely acknowledged.